I πŸ’– quotes

Has anybody else have a notebook where you constantly writing down quotes that you read or see ? I guess I have been doing it since I was at least a teenager maybe longer. Quotes to me are precious little gems that you collect for when you have those rainy day moments in life. They can be pulled out and read out loud which is always the best, and bring a little silver lining to your dark skies.

As a 10year-old I found music,well actually the 80’s came along, particularly 1984. I became hooked on Smash hits magazines and the radio was always on really loud, an apology to my long suffering parents who went through the 80’s with me, whether they wanted to or not.

The point being I became obsessed with song lyrics and listening to a song until I got them memorized. Again sorry to parents who had to listen to Mel and Kim’s Respectable over a hundred times a day. My parents were so happy when I got a Walkman for Chrissy/birthday one year they were able to enjoy a little peace and quiet for awhile. Until Bryan Adams released Waking up the Neighbours. But hey that is a whole different blog post right there.

I wrote the lyrics down as well in a notebook and in Australia we even had a magazine called TV hits that had song lyrics already written out for of all my favourite songs. The songs spoke to me as did poetry of my teenage angst and figuring out my place in the world. This was all before Google search, smartphones and computers, so as a teenager you felt connected to the music you heard and treasured.

The lyrics and quotes helped me to express myself and even today at 44years old I find the quotes soothe and help me find peace and joy. I am still very much addicted to my music and really it helps me with my mental health issues. I can put the music up really loud and drown out the feelings of sadness and my inner critic that totally destroy myself.

Quotes and music helped me when I had a recurrence of my cancer and had to have aggressive Chemo for 6mths. My goodness I think I wouldn’t of made it through without having my Mp3 player and my art to help me to cope with it all.

They are really good to collect and put them all around your room, a notebook or even where you work, so everytime you pass by you see those words and then just maybe they will sink in. Words have power, I read somewhere. My goodness what a mixed bag this post is quotes and music and whatever else comes into my head.

Quotes are and always will be part of my life, even on social media platforms such as Instagram,Facebook and Pinterest have a wealth of quotes to keep you going. And if you are anything like me, you probably have boards filled with your favourite quotes right at your fingertips.


Kitty-Kat xox

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