Just wrote my 200th blog post 😁

I am so happy that I just wrote my 200th blog post, I can not believe that I had written so many already in a year of having set up this Kitty-Kat Chronicles blog. I could not let a milestone like that pass by me by, and really any excuse to have a party is fine by me.

What to write ? Well I know that there will be many more blog posts to come for Kitty-Kat Chronicles in the future, for sure. I also feel like I have become very comfortable and at ease in this format now. I am myself, and I hope that comes across in each and every one of my posts here on my blog.

It is important to me that I keep on writing and publishing my blog posts for my state of mind. There are times still, that I want to hide away from the world, and everybody else in it, but when I have these moments I simply start writing. Before I know it my fears have been lifted, even if it is for one fleeting moment, that seems enough for me.

I feel too that my blog gives me a chance to have my writing published, without going through the whole publishing houses and rejection slips. It gives me confidence to simply concentrate on my writing and playing around with a blog format. It also a place where I can dedicate myself to writing and finding my unique style.

Now enough of that, let’s get down to celebrating this awesome milestone. I knew I had written many posts, but never thought that I had written 200 of them. It really blows my mind indeed. Thank you to all my followers and all those who liked my blog posts, your encouragement and support means the world to me. I hope you are around for another 200 more 😁


Kitty-Kat xox

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