I know we haven’t lazy day Sundays, which I simply adore, but here is to pamper Saturday where you spoil yourself after a tough working week. Today is one of those days, I’ve taken myself off early to the nail salon to get my nails done, which immediately put me in a relaxed mood.Then I drop by the jewellery store and decide why not treat myself to a silver bracelet and watch. Now don’t get me wrong these purchases aren’t to bring me happiness, rather just to spoil myself and think about me for awhile. You see my job working with children and adults can be rewarding most times, but it also is quite draining and demanding as well. So when I get a chance to step outside this world even for a little while I relish in it. Funny enough I also like the alone time as well, just me and my book and journal, then I’m able to face the world again.

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