Stormy night

Well last night into this morning, we have been having thunderstorms and rain, it has been awesome. Yes I know crazy as it might seem I love the rain and a little bit of lightning and thunder it makes me feel alive, as well as Mother Nature showing us her true colours, what is there not to like ? Saying that I have always been scared of storms since I was quite small, when we had our dog Aggie it was easier to cope because she would sleep in my bed and let me hug her tightly. Now I’m sort of okay with storms and love nothing better them pass over through my bedroom window. I still do that old trick my Mum taught me, which was to start counting, the higher you got the further away the storm was, I guess you can’t take the little girl out of the adult.

The rain was lovely to hear and smell as well.Everything looks so shiny and new after the rain has fallen. Today will be a cosy day out of the rain with a good book and hot cuppa. Of course with a little writing as well.

Kitty-Kat xox

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