Ruby Tuesday

Feeling much better after something I ate yesterday did not agree with my stomach. Back on the protein shakes and herbal life tea, both refresh me. And not quite sure why I called this blog post after a Rolling stone song but there you go. Catching up on my pile of magazines I’ve got to read and wondering why the pile never seems to get any smaller ? It’s a mixed bag of English country life, home decor ideas as well as Calm magazine and In the moment magazine. I’m not really into trashy magazines or gossip ones they bore me and often full of untruths anyway. I like to enjoy a cuppa with my mags and dream a little of having some of these awesome houses you see in the magazines. I know they have probably been styled into an inch of their lives but still I love all the textures and colours out there.

The rest of my Tuesday will be sitting in front of the telly for awhile vegging out and kicking back. And wondering why I just spent a whole paragraph talking about the magazines I like to read ? Oh well keep on reading my blog and I will keep writing it for you.

Here is too Ruby Tuesday

Kitty-Kat xox

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