Well middle of the week already, when did that happen ? Kindys had a great week and alas I won’t see them till next week. Any how they had an exciting week of painting a forest for their three bears. They also drew a rainbow and what their favourite weather was. They were learning syllables with the teacher and were overjoyed when we moved the room around so they could have a busy corner.

Tuesday saw rain at recess so we all sat on the verandah eating our morning tea and watching the rain fall, the kids loved it. We are doing about weather and they are quite fascinated with the natural world.

We got a new mat in the kindy class that had all the kindys talking about it and where it came from. These Kindys amaze me with their curiosity which knows no bounds. I find myself really enjoying the kindys all with their individual personalities. They are full on but very rewarding to teach.

Kitty-Kat xox

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