Kindy 50 days at school

Today the kindys celebrated 50 days at school which is truly amazing in itself, being 4-5 years old age range for the class. They have done so well and such a great group who love to spend time with each other and us teaching staff. If you sit on the floor anywhere in the classroom, changes are you will have 10 children plus gathered around you, mostly curious about what you are doing ,which most of the time you need to explain several times to each child who in turn will give any others a blow by blow criteria on what you said. The kindys are always uniquely themselves and always make me smile so much so that it is a pleasure to teach them. Each class is always completely different from the next, but they are also what makes my job so rewarding.

I think the teacher I work with also makes the difference, we have become a really good team and always laughing at things the kindys manage to get up too. Never, ever a dull moment with these little people.

Now 50 days at school I was talking about earlier, we ended up having a celebration where the kindys came to school dressed as old people. It was so funny to see them all dressed up with grey wigs and cardigans. They made the cutest old people on the planet.

We had older games like marbles and the kindys loved it they spent quite awhile playing marbles. I also did a hopscotch and showed them how to play and they went for it. They really enjoyed the older games and simply adapted themselves to it all.

Yesterday we made bread because we read the little Red Hen, it was a long process and once it was baked the kindys polished off the whole loaf between them all. They also asked for seconds and thirds which makes me think we hit on a winner with breadmaking indeed. Everyday these kindys truly amaze me in the way they constantly soak up everything they are taught at Kindy. They constantly surpise me on what they know and are interested in.

Here is too 50 days more.

Kitty-Kat xox

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