Patterned world

It amazes me that wherever I look in the world, patterns are everywhere. When you start taking a closer look around you they appear to jump out of every corner. From the coloured glass on a building,dew on a leaf and marks made in paint. We truly live in a patterned world.

Being an artist I love looking around in nature and finding inspiration for my own work, which is made up of circles. When you really look circles will appear everywhere you look. It’s funny how people think art is some mythical thing that only certain people understand, When in fact it’s very simple indeed, even my Kindy children can do it,especially when you talk in shapes and patterns.

The fallen leaf from a tree is truly a thing of beauty, the veins of the leaf are simply a piece of art. A pattern unique to every leaf, I love to draw them,kinda ends up being a Zen moment for me. They remind me of human fingerprint unique to every person, yeah sorry for the odd ramble here in my blog post, but patterns are my thing.

My own pieces are very detailed and very minute with designs all done by hand no computer aids whatsoever, the patterns come from within and never one too things are the same.

Below are some examples of my work to enjoy and let yourself become open the world around you full of wonder and patterns at every turn.

Kitty-Kat xox

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