Weekend is here

The weekend is here again and I can not wait to put my feet up, and relax after a week of spending time with family and friends. Yesterday my friend and I went to a PD day on the subject of Peggy Lego which is a program to help children’s pre-writing skills. It was really quite good, but after 6 weeks of holidays my brain started to feel like mush. And made me realize I start back at school next Thursday… alas it was beautiful while it lasted..and looking forward to it. So this weekend is time to chill and sort myself out for the coming week, and time to reflect on a Summer holidays that were trying, but very much needed.

After a little bit of writing here on my blog, is the visit to the library, and welcoming more books into my life, to read and soak in their stories into my mind. Lunch with my folks and a little bit of shopping on the cards. Still on crutches so not a lot of physical activity, maybe even a little afternoon nap as well. Staying out of the heat and enjoying a quiet Australia day is the object of today. What else would a weekend possibly be about, but enjoying one’s self and simply having a good time.

Journaling is also on the cards. I have many things I want to write and sort out in my chunky paper journal. It is almost complete and so that is an achievement in it’s self. I throughly enjoy my journaling time, and time simply that doesn’t exist when I am there. It has also seen me use up a lot of my stash so that makes me very happy indeed. Although there is that Esty order….

Anyway to all of you in the blogosphere have a great weekend, whatever you maybe doing.


Kitty-Kat xox

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