Long weekend vibes

Well it’s long weekend here in Perth, Western Australia to celebrate Australia day. So perfect Monday you could say, no work and so no Monday blues in sight, except the blue skies above me. It is also last Monday for the Summer holidays, with school going back next Monday. I go back on Thursday, which feeling excited about as well as wanting to have a little more time off.

My ankle is getting better, got another Physiotherapist appointment Wednesday afternoon, although still need crutches, down to one though. Other than that, I’m doing fine this sunny day.

I have been reading, as well as messing around with Instragram and chilling at home. There’s journaling to catch up on and washi tape samples too make, mainly just enjoying some needed creative time to myself.

And of course the joy of doing nothing if I choose to do so. My holidays aren’t planned completely I need space to do just whatever takes my mood and I make no apologies for it. I am my own person and I need to take care of me sometimes more than just other people.

Ciao everybody

Kitty-Kat xox

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