Artist’s way

I am reading for probably the tenth time, “The Artist’s way” by Julia Cameron, she really knows her stuff and I love what she has to say about creativity. What is even better is the book I have has the other two books in her series; “Walking in the world ” and “Finding water ” so I can work through them all. As always I am busy making detailed notes in my ever trusty notebook. It helps me remember important parts of the book and is something I can refer too later.

I have done Morning Pages in the past, only lasting a month or so, and then I don’t want to say give up, but that this the closest defination to what I am saying. Although I am willing to try it all over again, mainly to declutter all the things in my head, that get in the way of my creative flow. Along with Morning Pages is Artist’s date, which I must say I had more success with. I took myself off to Freo and pretended I was a tourist, visiting Fremantle for the first time. It so helped me gain perception on looking at places in a different light. So I fell in love with Fremantle, like I had as a child.

Artist’s dates are meant to be solo times and are also between you and the Great Creator. You are trying to feed the inner child and remembering how fun it was to play when you were young. As adults we forget that we need to play and do something that is fun. This is a way to do that, that never needs too cost the earth to do.

I am now finding out about the daily walks, that have been introduced in the second book called; Walking in the world. Walking helps you think and also be more at ease with nature and clearing the cobwebs. Inspiration I feel comes when your feet are doing something else, your mind relaxes and before you know it you have new ideas to use. It’s a way to unblock your stagnant creativity and trick it into working again.

I am finding Julia Cameron’s books informative and so easy to put into practice, only need to work on staying power. It also helps me explain to other’s where all my ideas and creativity comes from, and why I don’t fear the blank or white page at all. To me that is simply a challenge to be fought and won.

I think I might write another post when I get further into the book, because I feel that Julia Cameron’s work needs further discussion. I have merely scratched the surface.


Kitty-Kat xox

2 thoughts on “Artist’s way

  1. LuAnne Holder says:

    I love Cameron, too. I am rereading her book, Sound of Paper, right now. I also have The Vein of Gold of hers as well. I like your idea of reading three of her books together. I might just try that also with the two that I have.


    • knsander97 says:

      Oh well that is wonderful LuAnne, I am such a fan of hers. I want to read those ones you mentioned as well Sound of paper and The Vein of gold. It is great reading them all together and of course I take heaps of notes too. Thank you so much for your comment.

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