Kindy moments

Today was a real cracker indeed, half the time the classroom looked like it had been trashed by some irrate rock stars in a hotel. The other half of the time, was spent herding children when we went to the library, we lost a few on those corners again. They are a lot of trouble indeed, I know to any sane person that seems strange, but to anybody who has to get children from one place to another know it won’t go smoothly. They can be distracted in a moment’s time and there is no way to get them back on track at all.

There were some light moments of course, getting the kids to draw a monster and just having a chat with the kids in my class. I also find I can never move about the school without somebody calling out and wanting too talk to me. I love it that they all still remember me, and whatever good I did for them will carry on.

So Kindy/Pre-Primary life is getting into the swing of things, there is work up on the walls and hanging up thanks to the other Special needs EA in the room. The days have been hot, but hey that is summer for you. I feel we are in for a busy year, and being kept on our toes by this year’s students.


Kitty-Kat xox

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