Journaling apps

I have been neglecting my online journal apps lately, so on Sunday night I sat down and started to update them all. This was a great time to gather my thoughts and have a good old purge on my journaling ones. I felt lighter and happier for it, as well as read a lot of what I had written last year too. It helps me with perceptive and a little thing called hindsight you could say. I realize too that I need to keep these little things up for my mental health and state of mind.

I love to journal both analog way with pen and paper, but with technology these days I can also collect and write online with my journaling apps. I use quite a few, but they help me in different ways, especially when I am on the go. The apps also help me protect myself if the information is too sensitive to be kept in my paper journal. You see all my apps are pretty much password protected so to keep me safe and the freedom to really vent what I really feel. I don’t want people to read some of my journaling because it really isn’t for anybody but me, I realize though people may get hurt by my words so I keep it hidden for that reason too. Nothing however beats writing it down though.

Last night I put on my favourite songs from Spotify and journaled away, I started my music journal quite roughly I might add but start it I did. I listened to music and journaled my heart out quite literally I might say. This was all due to a really bad and stressful day at school, my way of getting rid of all the pent up stress was to listen to music and journal.

I also had a really good de-brief session with my bestie as well that helped sooo much. I really truly don’t know what I would of done if she hadn’t come into my life last year. I think I might do a blog post about friends and friendship at a later date. This always happens to me I am writing away about my journaling apps and along comes another idea for a blog post.

I find too with the invention of smartphones, it means you have a wealth of apps at your fingertips, and so why not use that to your advantage as a journaler. The apps I use are; Journey, Luna diary, Writelight, Mirakee and a few others, but these are pretty much my go too ones I use quite regularly. They all have there merits and not so good points but as a whole they pretty much work really well for me and my writing needs.

I feel too more confidence as a writer than before, where it was mainly squirreling it away in notebooks never seeing the light of day. I thank the smartphones and app stores for that completely, for my art and writing would of simply gathered dust and I would of been starved of creative output.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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