Childhood moments

Remember the days when you thought you could be a superhero, by just putting on Mum’s old tea towel around your neck and pretending to fly. Times were so simple back then. Being a kid was safe and no strings attached to you or your time. Days were bliss and if you wanted to be a superhero you could, without a doubt.

I loved to walk to school or often to my friend’s house, I could go anywhere my feet would carry me. The footpaths around my house were well used by me, my escape and my childhood memories.

In our backyard, on the gravel there was a puddle, where in the winter time it became a full on dam to my brother and I. We would use sticks and rocks to re-route the water and then play for hours in our very own lake. We made leaf boats and were always splashing water about. It was so simple, no directions or assembly required. Sometimes there was silence and sometimes there was a lot of laughter or talk.

One of my favourite things to do was go picking daisies and then spinning around in circles amongst them. Such simple pleasures, that were my whole world back then. Dressing in my flowing summer dresses my Mum used to make me, watching the butterflies dance between flower after flower. Summer days that never seemed to end. Being outside, playing under a vast blue summer sky. Moments I still remember even now as an adult.

Riding my bike with my brother was another childhood thing to do. I loved my bike a real 70’s early 80’s lowrider type, I really loved that bike so easy to ride, with the long handlers too. We used to ride them all over the backyard, and when I was older I got to ride it to school and back. When I went to friend’s houses I used to ride then as well, it was freedom to me, because I didn’t need anybody to drive me anywhere. Good times when you had a bike as a kid.

Being a kid means being able to hang out in nature and I surely did every chance I got. I was never an indoor kid and even if it rained we had a huge patio to play under. I always remember that I simply wanted to go outside and play, something interesting was always there for me to see or do.

Hanging out at the beach meant sandcastles and chasing the incoming waves. We never went when it was too hot, usually late afternoon and then maybe fish’n’ chips for dinner. Those were my favourite times and I feel so lucky about that, simple times when the world wasn’t so crazy and busy.

When I was young, never would I pass a tree without climbing it, no tree was too big or small. I loved to feel like a giant, even though I was a small and skinny little kid. Up high on a branch I was ten feet high, I could see for miles and I was Queen of my very own castle in the sky. I felt so very close to the tree I climbed, as if they had a soul.

Kitty-Kat xox

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