Winter is here…

It is June, and winter is finally here in Australia. So out comes the cozy blankets and comfy socks to simply potter about the house in. It also time for steaming cups of hot chocolate or my favourite, choc mint lattes so heavenly to slip on a chilly day. Our days grow shorter, and any sunlight takes awhile to warm you all to the bone.

Alas it isn’t a post about Game of thrones, but hopefully you will stay and keep on reading anyway. I chose the images that accompany this blog post, mainly because they are moments I love about wintertime. I am thinking of writing a list of moments to enjoy throughout the seasons, maybe even for my blog.

I have been rather naughty, not posting much in May, but hey life happens and I feel it needn’t be all on social media. Sometimes I simply want to live through my life and not necessarily want to document all of it. There still needs a little mystery to reign, as well as being in the moment. I have been also reading a lot about social media and the effects on people, and decided I wanted to step back from it all for awhile.

I also upped the ante on my journaling and creative endeavours, they needed more attention than my Online commitments. So my reward has been more clarity in my writing off-line and seeing deeper into my soul. To me that was very important thing indeed to happen to me.

Winter now being here, is cold nights and I feel like most I turn inwards away from the outside world. No longer go out, but find what I need indoors and work on my journaling even more. There is all the goodies I got from last week’s craft and quilters fair to play and create with. Using up my stash a new goal for me indeed. Something that I have been working on these last couple of months. No use waiting for a rainy day, simply go for it now.

Anyway ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

4 thoughts on “Winter is here…

  1. thehummingbirdsjournal says:

    The choc mint lattes sound so delicious! I totally agree with the effect of social media, how we don’t have to document everything that happens in our lives, and the importance of presence. I love the cozy vibe of the pictures! Happy journaling! 🙂

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