Rainy day Saturdays

Wow it has rained a lot over the last couple of days and though we are in June, we got the entire month’s rainfall for May in one day. That is a lot of rain, and last night it truly was a proper rainy night. I found it very easy indeed to snuggle down into my blankets and fall asleep to the rain outside my window. Now it is Saturday morning and I thought it was time to write a post in my blog. I have been journaling a lot lately, but in my paper journals, and not so much with my blog. Hey, sometimes we need to go into ourselves and ponder what we want from life ? As well as personal problems left me unable to write any blog related posts.

Back to rainy days well perfect place we are going for this wet weather is the library. Nothing like big stacks of books to put a smile on your face, libraries always are a safe place for me. While I lived in the UK, libraries were my sanctuary from all the strangeness of a new country. I think too my love of rainy days was enhanced by my time in the UK. Rainy days make me for some reason very creative and productive, great for my writing of course. Grey skies make the sky more touchable in my mind, it feels closer to me and that for some reason comforts me. I guess too you could say rain hides the trail of tears.

My Kindys and Pre-Primary’s were really ratty after spending recess indoors due too rainy weather. Thankfully the rain abated so they were able to race around the playground and run off all that energy that seems to abound small children in heaps. The kids loved the cloud show as well, and watching the cold wind blow the clouds across the sky. It was also a blessing the sun came out at times too.

Anyway off I go to the library now.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

3 thoughts on “Rainy day Saturdays

  1. thehummingbirdsjournal says:

    Here where I live, we’ve also gotten high amounts of rainfall in a short time frame. So I’ve been experiencing rainy weather off and on. Enjoy your time reading! I haven’t visited my library in a while. I should visit one soon. πŸ“šπŸ’›

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