Rainy day Friday

Well today marks the last day in school holidays for me, it’s back to work Monday, and although it has only been two weeks I feel refreshed and ready to go for term four. Of course, come Monday morning, and I need to get up for school that may change. Back on topic it is Friday and a rainy one at that. I guess that is Perth Spring weather for you ? Where has the sun gone ? I tend to wonder more and more lately with this interchangeable weather.

Off to the city I went today along with my brother, Mum and the rain. So much for afternoon showers, that started at 8 am this morning. Anyway despite the weather, it did not dampen my mood, but did cause a little fizz in the hair department.

I ended up in Dymocks bookstore for quite awhile looking at all the lovely and delightful books. Kinda given that you would find me around books, and at the rate I read them, I am pretty much in a bookstore or library a lot of the time.

I brought a new journal and also by Cath Kidston a collection of letter paper with her lovely designs on them. I can not wait to use them in my current journal, and write little notes to myself and also journaling as well. I love finding new and different ways to journal and not simply pen on paper and that is all. I like to mix up my journaling and just try new things and ideas.

After an hour or so, maybe longer since I lose track of time in Bookstores, completely. I ended up going to Reject shop and finding some stickers and funky post it notes to purchase, funny enough I love shopping still, but I am cutting down what I actually buy. I know shock horror to all those who know me.

I popped into Louisa, fashion accessories shop which is a dangerous place for magpies like me. I simply adore bright and shiny things, kinda like magpies do as well. And yes I did brought more rings, and yes I do have more than a drawer full of them, but a girl can never have too much.

I also had a chat to Chelsea who works there, she let me loose on a bag full of rings that were in their cupboards. She also adored my style of rings I was currently wearing, it was simply great to chat with her. No hurry to get me out of the store, just let me browse and try on sizes as well. So even though it was real winter weather outside, I really enjoyed my day in the city. And yes I did buy more rings as well, but you already knew that of course.

I ducked showers, by going through underground shopping arcades in the city, which are ever so handy rain or extreme heat. Lunch was Chinese egg noodles and a Pepsi max, let’s forget the diet for today. Anyway I have lately been craving egg noodles lately, and so been having quite a few for lunch.

Lastly got some flashy Strechers sneakers for my birthday present from Mum, picked them out today black and rose gold colour. Although don’t get them officially till my birthday on 23rd this month. Then it was time to catch the train, and go home, with the rain swiftly following us. So not a bad way to spend your rainy day Friday indeed, or end my holidays of two weeks.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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