England notes

England is not only a country of natural beauty, but also has thatched roofs, narrow roads and miles of public footpaths to roam around on. One of my favourite memories is the huge harvest moon, rising above ever so slowly, from the South Downs. At one stage I thought it would never make it over the downs at all, but it did. It was a moment to simply capture and lock away in your heart, for always. It was times like this I truly realized England was the place for me and my wanderlust soul.

I loved to wander and find those hidden houses and villages which were very off the beaten path indeed. And I always was so very excited when I would come across them, and more so when they appeared unchanged for what seemed like centuries. Some were not even on any map either, kinda like Brigadoon rising from countryside. Often I wondered if they weren’t some mirage, and maybe the hot July sun had gotten to me.

Sometimes you feel if I would go back now, would I ever find those special and magical places again ? Or are they truly lost in the mist of not only time, but the South Downs themselves ? I guess only time will tell. I hope to in a couple of years, travel down those familiar roads once more, with my Mum by my side.

There is something so very familiar indeed in the English countryside that you find in nature, but the peace as well, no people, no modern technology. You can breathe and walk in country lanes, bridle paths and off the beaten path if you choose to. I would usually be out walking on the trails even in the pouring rain, I just loved to be outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and picturesque views that had me daydreaming and pinching myself all the time. Only it was my reality, and I was so very lucky to be living in this quaint English village, in the South Downs.

Spending time in Devon, I couldn’t get over how beautiful the beaches and coastline truly was, so very different from the South Downs, I had been calling my home. The tide would go out for miles and miles, that really threw me completely, and all you saw was golden sandy beaches. The blue skies were huge as well, over the ocean and over the green fields.

Summer days would last so long with the sun up until 11pm, it was lovely to sit in the back garden of our holiday cottage and drink a glass or two of wine. I couldn’t get enough of the night sky a kinda twilight and then when the stars came they took my breathe away. It appeared like a carpet of glitter throwen across the sky, so very beautiful and truly unforgettable.

The garden would have that heady smell of perfume from the blooming flowers, but also mixed with the smell of summer itself. You felt so very happy to be out amongst it all, the thatch roof completed the picture entirely for me. You felt like time stood still, and maybe only you were moving at all. Nothing better than Summer days in the countryside of Devon, green fields and country lanes abound everywhere.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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