NaNoWri update

It has been five days since I started my NaNoWri challenge, and I am still going strong, and writing lots of stories, and impressions down about my time in the UK. The darest things have been popping in my head and onto the page and tablet, depending what is close at hand. It is hard at times and I do feel working full-time can be a killer, and yet I am determined to see this project through. I feel it has been in me for quite some time, and now wants to be set free, and out into the big wide world.

I am liking the word count thing too. I feel you sometimes haven’t a clue just how much you in fact write, until you sit down and count every word. I feel the accountability is a positive factor to, and makes me get down to writing, and just see where it takes me. Today I wrote a few things down in my journal, which later I can add to my journal app, I have been using for my UK experiences. It has been a never-ending essay type document, that seems to have a life of it’s own.

It also has been rather nostalgic reliving these moments, but also I feel it helps me get to know, where I was at that time. With that I am understanding myself now a lot better. Without the experiences my life would totally be somewhere else for sure. The writing keeps me going, and after working as an Education assistant at a local primary school all day it is a break for me.

I also get to write these lovely updates about my progress here on my Blog as well that keeps me motivated. It is a big part of keeping me on task as well, at times I can get quite distracted. I hope everybody else who is doing the challenge are going well. Hang in there 😁

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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