NaNoWri update

Well I am finding my writing is coming along, only forgot update my word count, oh well all done now. I have been slowly writing here and there about my U.K. travels and remembering some really good memories as well. So many moments captured, that I quite thought I had forgotten until one thing leads to another, and I am off in a memory again.

Last week marked 5th of November, which in the UK they always celebrate Guy Fawkes night, or what is commonly known as Bonfire night. This is one of the English celebrations that I have such fond memories of, with big bonfires and toffee apples to munch on. Everybody getting rid of their green waste from their gardens in one big village bonfire. Such brilliant times, where Autumn knows how to carry on a show.

Writing makes me feel very happy indeed, like just now remembering my Bonfire night in the UK. I find it so much more rewarding to write these down, and so they never lose there lustre. It makes you realize just how wonderful your life can actually be, you need not be famous, but just thankful for a life lived indeed, and lived well.

To me as well taking part in the NaNoWri challenge isn’t about end products or book deals, although they would be nice for sure. It is about starting and finishing a project, seeing it blossom into something quite different, from what you may of first thought. It also to me is about setting aside time, and concentrate solely on your writing project and nothing else.

And what perfect month than November, before December comes and everybody is frantic about Christmas, and what that may look like to them. A month to celebrate writing and writers everywhere, no matter what genre you are involved in, a writer you are.

So thanks for supporting me and adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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