My Repurposed Journal

My Repurposed Journal

I have finally sat down and writing about this journal I finished, an reused an old Kikki K book as the base. I am sure you all have seen this kind of journaling before, where you take something like an old book, and totally give it a makeover. Well this is the end product and I am over the moon how it turned out. I know some of the photos you may of seen before, but bare with me, I am simply putting all the pics of this journal together in one blog post.

Me at 24years old

I came across some old photos of when I was traveling and living in UK as a Nanny in rural English countryside. And thought why not put them in my journals. This was me in front of my childhood home when I was 24years old, just shy of couple of weeks of my 25th Birthday. I love the fact that way back then as I do now I have red hair.

Fancy font journaling

I love this spread in my journal, where I copied the font the quote had used already on the page. It is a creative way to make your journaling look AMAZING !!! Without costing a penny at all. I feel it makes it look visually appealing and make you want to read what has been written. A lot of what I did in this repurposed journal was very much guided by the pages themselves, what was original there was used as starting point, or I simply covered the text or picture up if I felt it did not go with what I wanted.

It’s a dark world be the light- Matt 5:14

This quote from the Bible I saw on a You Tube video about Bible Studies, it pretty much jumped off the screen at me. So I knew that I had to write it down straight away as not to forget it. It was originally on a scrap piece of paper and so I decided to pop it into this journal. Alas that wasn’t enough, and so what is on this page stems from my very first Faith journaling. I was so very pleased and moved to create my very own Faith journal, from this journal entry. That however is another blog post which you can find on my Blog.

Ideas journal entry

I wrote about one of the fellow journalers I follow on Instagram Lynn from Lynnloveslife, and how I admired and loved her unique style, and how I felt I was definitely developing my very own as well. I also talked about watching her junk journals You Tube video and finding inspiration for my own one. Of course I used white gel pens, my favourite pens to write on coloured pages. I simply adore how it all came together one piece at a time.

Simple layout

I did not write a journal entry onto this page at all, it mainly was a reminder to me for collecting beautiful moments. I feel sometimes I kinda of forget to stop and really live in the here and now. Journaling has helped me to stop more and cherish my life, and all of those little bits that really make a life worth living. Just because the world is 24/7 doesn’t mean I have to be, it is always about the little things. My favourite quote on the page would have to be: ” One to-day is worth two to-morrows. ” And I can not really argue with that at all.

You fill my world with Sunshine

This journaling card is placed towards the end of my journal, and I couldn’t help but put it in when I read the quote. My journal fills my world with Sunshine, and my life although has moments of darkness, is usually full of golden rays of light. I may go through rough times in my life, but I never ever let them define or chain me. I have always been a free spirit, and thankfully the people around me have never tried to break that spirit within me. I feel my head in the clouds kinda personality, is what helps me rise above, what a lot of people would of gone under with.

Don’t stop me now- Queen

This journal entry started with a Queen song Don’t stop me now and basically me talking about negative people, and how they were a drain on me physically and mentally. And how whenever I hear this song, I am immediately full of happiness, and just can not stop myself from singing along with Freddie Mercury and his amazing voice. I also wrote in this entry how I am a dance without any music kinda a girl, who wants to not live my life, in safe mode anymore. This song embodies all those feelings inside of me, and how I can not tolerate negativity in my life anymore, and that I am strong enough to walk away from those people no explanations needed.

Me as drawn by one of my students

I simply adore this portrait that one of my Pre-Primary’s drew of me, for me, if this sentence makes any sense at all. She was over the moon to know it is now forever in my journal, and I will always remember her. I do love the red hair she drew and really captured me to a tee. I love it when the kids draw me pictures and I feel this young lady will have a bright future ahead of her. I feel to that you can keep little things like this children’s drawings and place them into your journal to look back on years from now. Somehow I do not thing this will be the last student drawing in my journal at all.

UK moments

This page I used a picture from my big collection of pictures from magazines and old books. Then my journaling was from when I visited Arundel castle in a nearby village to me, when I lived in Petworth, West Sussex. And also about all the estates I had visited in Scotland as well. I also talked about the Summer days in UK and how they seemed to go on forever. Living in the countryside meant I was able to enjoy a slower pace of life than most living overseas.


This page was about Autumn, my favourite season, and just little moments I have over the years during this season. It also is about the quote on the page as well, that life is truly about creating it for yourself and nobody else. Too many times we find ourselves, living a life for somebody else, and sometimes it is hard to break free, but we must, and I found it a topic although covered here, would be something I would journal again.

So here it is my repurposed journal for all to see and I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I did putting it together for you all.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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