Journaling mojo back

Journaling right on track again 😍😍😍

It has been some time, but finally got back on that Journaling horse of mine. A break, but never totally turned my back on my hobby of journaling. Life has been pretty crazy and now comfortable in my new normal, well as much as you possibly could ever truly be. Colourful spreads and lots of writing as well, messy as ever, but all my own work for sure. Expressing myself, as only I know how to do.

So I thought why not share with you all out there in the blogosphere my progress and my style, that is pretty unique to me. I am never one to follow the crowd, been my own drummer so too speak. Start out with a few words that turn into a sentence, then paragraph and finally a whole page. I am very sure most can relate.

So please enjoy the pics as well as my words.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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