New hair feel

Nothing better than new hair feel, especially at this point in time. With everything going on the world, it is so great to pamper yourself. I think back to April/May and think yes I did make it through the other side. Yes it is getting bad again..but we can prevail.

It is also Christmas season and like a kid I can not get enough of Christmas decorations and of course music. I recently finished school year here in Perth, Western Australia and now on Summer holidays. I will miss all my kiddies, but know that we all need this well deserved break.

The weather has been wet and rainy even into December, which has been very weird, but hey warm weather ahead now. Even though it ain’t white Christmas it is still very much Christmas anyway. Now I can take stock and just kick back and relax, with family and friends.

Currently house-sitting for good friend, it has been perfect break before Christmas takes over later in the week. Journaling and reading as well as, watching favourite tv shows have been my current activities. Life is good.

Selfie with Santa

Merry Christmas to you.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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