Tiny shard of light…

It’s funny how the season is changing, from Summer to Autumn ever so slightly, each day. It is getting colder at night and in the mornings, as well as getting darker earlier than before. The light ebbs and flows ever so slightly you do not always pick up the differences clearly. I love this in between times, where it is often neither one or the other. It’s beautiful and simply life, as should be, uniquely wonderful.

Each new day I feel my Faith renewed and flow ever so more throughout my life and being. I feel present in my life and in the world around me. More so than before in my adult life, funny but all so true. I am happy and content more than I thought I could ever be. It is a wonderful experience and one that I would never take for granted. I feel that personal growth has happened, when I wasn’t even really watching, and I am so joyful that it came about, in it’s own time and way.

Everyday and mundane ever so beautiful…

I feel my Faith has been on a long journey, with plenty of ups and downs, as well as somethings you can’t quite pin down exactly. A lot of trust is also involved as well as letting go of it all. What holds you to this world, and where you now find yourself now. I feel like that tiny mustard seed, so very small and alone in a world you do not truly feel you belong fully in. Now I realize that it is okay to feel that way, and that I am on another true path, full on the purest light.

Keep on walking straight and true path..
Road not taken…Robert Frost

This was one of and still is favourite poems by Robert Frost, I learnt it first in English class in High school and never ever forgotten it. I feel that my path or road not taken has always been the line in the sand for me, the line I wouldn’t cross no matter what. My Faith, that never left me fully, despite being a wilful child I still believed. My hope that never wavered even though stuff was thrown at me at every which turn. And so that poem now changes perception ever so slightly for me, yet again. As a book you read over and over again, it never changes, but you do.

My path never straight but always true. I have found my way back, and yet I feel it was always gonna be this way, and this time. My Faith has made it so, and with hope I could never fully let go of at all. And so as the season changes, so does the season of my life and with it my Faith grows ever so deeper and with promise never before felt by me.

Welcome Autumn’s embrace…

New season and new outlook, which I can not wait to share with you all out there in the blogosphere. This journey has only begun and only God knows where it will end.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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