Prayer journal

It came at last…

I ordered a couple of weeks ago the Coffee and Bible time, Prayer journal. After a lot of thinking it over, I finally just pressed submit and here it is in my hands. It has been a long wait and lots of checking tracking number, but today it arrived on my doorstep. I pretty much was a kid on Christmas morning the way I tore it open and once had the journal in my hands, a huge sigh.

My prayer life has been at a stalemate lately, it needed a little get up and go, I was watching one of the Coffee and Bible time YouTube videos, when I saw there was a coupon off the price. I saw it as a sign, and with a quick calculations AU dollar to USA dollar, thought why not treat myself. Now it is here, and in the coming days I will go through and move myself in, like I do with all my journals in the past.

I like the sections, but also parts where you have the freedom to do your own thing. It’s well made and spiral bound means I can chunk it up with all my Faith stuff. It will probably take me some time to truly look through it, but I just had to write up my first impressions of this beautiful journal.

Sticky notes 😍😍😍😍
A letter from Ashley as well…

I love the size, about A4 size and so can do so much with it, as well as still carry it around with you. I simply adore the lined paper as well, ready to write up notes or journal thoughts as well. Simply divine 😍😍😍

Plenty of room for writing ..
Tabs as well…

I can not wait to start this in my quiet time..stay tuned for more from me and my Prayer journal 😉

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

2 thoughts on “Prayer journal

  1. bournemouthgirl says:

    It is so cool that there are journals for every aspect of life. I hope you enjoy using your prayer journal. Any form of journaling is vital in having a healthy mindset and have good mental health. Thank you for sharing.

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