Artsy ways…

I think it might of been the extreme hot weather over Christmas and Boxing day, that got me started with my art project again. It felt really good and did not seem as if I had taken any time off at all. I ended up putting it all over my Social media platforms and was a little blown away by the response from people. It truly made me feel very humble and grateful to the world.

Green was for Christmas of course and gold had to go with that all, just a given you could say. I used brush markers from Target in a forest green and then lighter green for inside the circles. Gold pen was a stable in my pencil case by Signo uni-ball for added detail, or as I like to say Kylie it up. This last bit I feel really makes my pieces very unique style indeed.

Bigger picture…

Doing this kind of thing also helps me to let my thoughts wander, and just really lose myself in the whole process, it really is never about the end product, although many would disagree when they see it. My art has always been about releasing built up emotions, as well as working through internal struggles, hard for me to put into any real words, however very overwhelming to me at times. This relaxes me and I feel so much freer after putting it down on paper, on the page.

Because I am on Summer holidays, I feel able to do this, in my everyday life sometimes harder to do this, to create a little magic. Believe me though 2022 that will definitely change, it will be added to my daily routine and morning wake up moments. I have managed to read up to Esther in the Old testament in 2021 and so I know any goal I make is surely doable indeed. Yes it does mean sacrifice, but the rewards mean more to me, than any passing discomfort endured.

I realize to that I have another visual diary under my bed full of art ready to be Kylie up, and so guess I will be getting that out from under the bed. I also have a big plan of new art piece for a friend’s granddaughter too I want to work on as well. Stay tuned for more on that 😉

Here it begins…
Start here…

Patterns truly fascinate me and yes I love circles, but other organic ones deeply inspire me to pick up a pen and create away. I truly feel very joyful and happy when lost in my art, and I guess the finished product definitely reflects my passion and joyful bliss.

I am so very humble and grateful that my creative muse has graced me with the inspiration to create these magical pieces yet again. Truly is a gift I am very thankful to share with you all out there in the blogosphere, as well as the world.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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