Hot chocolate dreams…

Hot chocolate dreams…
Marshmallow clouds…

I am so obsessed with Hot chocolate at the moment, maybe because the season has changed from Autumn to Winter in a blink of an eye ? Here in Perth, Western Australia it has become cold and crisp, time to curl up under cozy blankets and nurse a cup of hot chocolate full too the brim with fluffy marshmallows. And so that is why I posted all the hot cocoa pics already.

Nothing says cold weather better than steaming mugs of hot chocolate, well to me anyway. I recently had a choc bomb at San Churros, an experience that truly spoilt me completely. I will explain, you get a chocolate egg full of marshmallows and a little jug of hot milk, which you pour over chocolate egg and it melts and let’s the marshmallows free. Instant hot chocolate in a mug.

I have seen it on social media posts and was dying too try it. Alas I got ahead of myself before my Bestie could take a picture or video I had done it. Apparently next time I will refrain from being such a over zealous child, and let her take a video of it. Definitely the best hot chocolate though by far.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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