Music calms me down..

Crowded room with my tunes…
Around and around it goes…
Listening in bed…
How far we have come…

Music helps me so much to focus and also keep on task as well, as just being something too bob around the place. Nothing can change my mood, better or worst than music can. Music can make me cry as well as want to reach for the stars.

It helps me fall asleep at night, when dark thoughts crowd in on me. Most of all I love all of those crazy and beautiful lyrics that race around my head, at all times day and night. I feel the biggest file in my brain would be devoted to song lyrics, I feel any song heard even once, ends up here.

Music also creates a storybook of sorts, memories and precious moments of my life can be seen or felt again, simply by the first words of a song. Music has always been important to me, as a teenager trying to become separate identity from my family, music helped me express myself in an often safe way.

Most of all music has helped my mental health in so many ways, truly has picked me up from dire situations. Along with family it has been my guiding light. It has also helped bond the relationship with my family, with certain music and artists we often listened to when I was growing up.

I would be seriously lost without my trusty Spotify playlists, as music and the way we listen to it evolves so very fast indeed. No matter how you listen to music, it is a great definition of who I am. Listen to the lyrics of my favourite songs, and you will surely know me better, than any conversations you ever have with me.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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