Changing light

Isn’t it funny how the light changes with the season, from country to country even. Summer to me is always bright, vibrant colours. Everything is in Technicolor. But Summer in U.K. is one of cool pastels, the light yes is bright, but never in your face like Australian summer light is.

Beautiful sun set…
Fields of green…

The light upon the green fields of England are something else. I never knew there was so many shades and hues of green, but I have seen them now all of them. To an artist eye that is truly humbling experience indeed.

Watermelon summer hues…

Watermelon’s bright colours of green and red make me think of Summer indeed. Long lazy days of endless sunshine and blue skies that just go on and on. Summer’s brightest light indeed.

Autumn faded light…

Autumn my favourite season by far, the light forever faded and yet so very rich like the air as well. Light of the leaves swaying in the breeze, the colour as they fall one by one. Never the same hue at all. Faded like those comfy pair of denim jeans you love so.

Captured faint light of Winter…

Here in Perth, Western Australia it doesn’t snow during the Winter season, but the light changes yet again to almost a shadow of it’s self. I guess being so further from the earth does it. But the light although faded is richer somehow, maybe because it is so treasured in the limited time we have it at all. Days shorter and light shorter time span as well. Just an observation you could say.

Spring’s light like a newborn …

Spring blooms and like a newborn it seems so very new and rare when we first see it. After the darkest months of Winter, any full sunlight is quite a bonus indeed for us all. And so my blog post wraps up and now I put it out in the blogosphere for all to see.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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