Too many ideas

Do you ever get like you have so many ideas in your head that you feel like you may explode? Do you ever feel like you don’t know where to start with them ? Well you aren’t alone, I feel like all my ideas are ganging up on me at the moment and as soon as I sit down to write about them, get them into somekind of order they vanish. And yet middle of the night or when I’m at work they show their ugly heads again. At a time when I’ve got no pen or notebook to write and collect them in. Well now I do and I also use an app for journaling, which I also put any random ideas or inspiration in this app for future reference and also means I always have something to write or create with. It also means these little gems are never lost, but simply squirreled away for future use. I don’t always go through ideas in any particular order, mainly what takes my fancy at the time.The main objective is to collect and store these ideas, once I do this they still come thick and fast, but now I can deal with them in more orderly way. I also try and give them their due and listen to them which is what they really want, to be heard. Writing notes and memos as well as always having a notebook is keen advice. After all I don’t want to lose ideas that could lead to bigger and better things in the future.

Kitty-Kat xox

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