Weekend 16/2/18

The week is finally here and I’m so happy for the weekend to begin. I’ve been writing up a storm and enjoying every minute of it, I forgot how much I liked doing it. Well I do adore words as well they make me smile. I guess this post might be a little random in topic, but it’s been a really long week for this Kindy/Preprimary aide. I have been able to catch up reading a Terry Pratchett book as well as my magazines; In the moment and Breathe. They help me unwind from work, just like the lovely shower I take when I first get home, all to help me adjust from work to home life. Life in general is great, I love my job which is so rewarding, although tough sometimes that’s just the nature of things. Anyway enough of me for now.

Kitty-Kat xox

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