Lazy Sunday what a lovely day, although it was quite cloudy today and a lot cooler as well in temperature. I’ve caught up with my magazines which I always like to read with a cuppa for morning tea, sort of my Sunday ritual after shopping for next week. I’ve been reading “In the moment ” magazine which has awesome articles and mindfulness tips as well. I also started to read “Writing magazine ” it’s from the UK and packed with tips about writing and I’ve read article about “Free-range writing ” based on a book by the same name and author who is Jenny Alexander, who gives great tips for writing.

There is also an interview with one of my favourite authors Joanne Harris, her books are written so beautifully and I’ve enjoyed reading them all.

Rest of my Sunday I finished rereading Sorcery by Terry Pratchett with the walking luggage in it, by far one of my favourite characters alongside the Librarian and Grimes. His books are so magical to me and his sentences have me in stiches with laughter. I love the disc world because of him and so sad that he is no longer with us, but I continue to read and enjoy his books. I can’t wait for “Good Omens” to come out soon, I’ve only just started the book but enjoying it so far.

I’m also reading “Snowman” which is quite good so far, it’s set in Oslo Norway a place I would love to go too so day.

So some how my Sunday post turned into a book review. Well I do think Sundays are for books too.

Kitty-Kat xox

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