End of Summer

Last day of February and is also the last day of Summer. I am looking forward to days getting cooler and shorter, even though here in Perth,Western Australia we don’t get the classic Autumn weather its lovely to finally say goodbye to the hot weather and say hello to Autumn.

Apparently our Summer hasn’t been as hot as it used too, but I’m not complaining. New month tomorrow is great as well and I wonder where the days go ? School is super busy, but life is like that now. I’m glad for my down time and being able to write in my blog and other places. I feel tired, but strangely content with life at the moment. I love that it’s a long weekend this weekend and I get an extra day off. I think I might get a sleep in somewhere as well.

I’m not putting away my Summer attire away just yet because March is on it’s way and usually has a few hot days up it’s sleeve. Lazy days of Summer are with us for awhile yet.

It’s not my favourite season, but I do like the blue skies and sunny days it brings us.

I’ve been reading a few good books lately and started one last night called “The List” YA book about only have to use 500 words. It’s enjoyable and as a lover of words I would find it hard to live in such a world as this, being restricted to certain words would take the magic and power of the words, it would be a very sad and dull place indeed.

Anyway ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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