Wow 25/2/18

20 posts on my new blog what an achievement for me, I am loving my new platform where I can write direct from my smartphone no need for uploading from a PC at all. Wherever I am I can simply write up an article to put on my blog and straight to you the followers don’t need to wait ages to hear from me. It’s truely wonderful the modern technology we are blessed with at this time.

Last night was my monthly Pizza /craft nite at the local church, it’s run by my good friend Ann Gerlach who happens to be an amazing Stampin up representative as well as Survival Instructor here in Perth. It’s our chance to do all things crafty as well as chat and have fun, having had much time for crafting since school went back with all the meetings after school and full on with Kindy class and PP/1 class I am assistant in. So last night was really first time in awhile could concentrate on artsy stuff not related in any shape or form with school.

I also have been struggling with my Fibromyalgia which seems to be bad in Perth’s often humid summers. Alas such is life that we simply solider on with it.

I finished Snowman book and highly recommend it to people fond of Nordic crime, I am definitely going to read further books by this author.

Speaking of books a friend of mine lent me the book called The woman in the window by A.J. Finn which I simply can’t put down, it is like a modern day Rear window and refers to alot of Hitchcock movies as well as old movies like Laura and Gaslight to name a few. I’ve only just started reading it and I am hooked and I can’t believe that it’s the author’s debut book.

So with that I say Adieu for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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