Writing bug

Long weekend may be over and back to work I went today, but what a weekend I had not only caught up reading and finishing a book or two, I also managed a little writing in there as well. I wrote a piece which started with the line; ” Swing on the tree ” and from there I went into describing this swing on a oak tree that suddenly was in Petworth, West Sussex where I used to live. The swing overlooked the south downs and then it became this piece of prose where the girl became older and older. I feel there is more to this piece of prose and hope to add more.

I also updated my Bujo for March with an Autumn theme for March layout. It turned out amazing and I adore the colours I had chosen.

Journal got a workout with me adding prompts and writing quite a few pages. I answered a lot of questions and felt I got to the bottom if a few things. I love to write and simply get everything out on paper instead of trapped in my head. I always feel good after a session with my journal.

I feel that my mojo is back writing wise and writing this blog has helped me find myself again creatively. I feel I have a voice and have alot to say as well. Downloading the Mirakee app on my phone had alot to do with everything falling to place, things happen for a reason and me writing again must of been one of those things. As a person I feel alot more happier and relaxed now because writing helps me with self-expression, as well as not holding it in any more.

I feel I might of rambled here and there, but the plus side of it all is my writing is here to stay. My notebooks are filling up with ideas and so much prose, it’s a joy to flip back through the pages and read them and knowing that I wrote all of that.

Kitty-Kat xox

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