If you could see my handwriting instead of this neatly typed sentences you would be very much surprised, because in real life my writing is so very messy indeed. It always starts off neat and then the ideas and words start flying and before you know it, the writing has become one giant mess and sometimes even I can’t understand what I have written. Thank goodness for writing apps and blogs to hide them all.

Messy could also describe my room full of books piles here and there, not to mention stationary and notebooks everywhere. Although in all this mess I feel grand for my world isn’t meant to be super tidy but chaotic like my creative world. Sometimes I spring clean and really tidy and throw out stuff, but books will always be part of my life and so I live amongst them, kinda like some weird art installation. I guess that is a better way to describe it than messy any day.

Kitty-Kat xox

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