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I’ve been keeping both a paper and digital journal for quite some time, it has been interesting to compare the two styles of journaling.  As long as I have held a pen I have been writing my thoughts down in some shape or form, but only recently have I decided to go digital with my journal habits. I was extremely weary of using technology to write and store my innermost thoughts and feelings in , but was pleasantly surprised when I came across an  app called “Journey” , it really fit the bill and I was able to protect it with a password lock, even better. I could type away and have it stored away with no worry of running out of space or anybody reading it. Granted it will never take the place of a real notebook and pen it is handy when you are on the go and have your smartphone or tablet on you, no need about carrying a notebook or pencil case.

My paper journal is what is still very important to me, because I love to write things down analogue,  old school you might say. I can sit and mull over what I am going to write and watch my handwriting fill up the pages , the way writing is suppose to be. I can add colour, pictures and generally mess about. I don’t have to worry about online or battery life, because it is only a pen and paper that never need rebooting or power I can just simply write away. It is probably as well the way I have been writing for years so it is quite familiar and comfortable for me to write this way.

My digital journal however enables me to store images from other social media sites such as my instragram, mirakee writing app and Facebook which is all at my fingertips. Something my paper journal could never hope to copy on any scale. I also can auto-correct what I am typing whereas when I am writing by hand I need to cross out or use white out , so to the eye the digital journal looks more appealing visually.You can use different fonts as well much easily than when you do it all by hand.

So there you have it pros and cons for both types of journals, I for one thing am happy to have  my feet in both camps, because both are great to use together in my mind. As long as I can write and collect my those words I am glad to have both mediums to work with. Journaling is such a rich part of my life and wellbeing it is so good to be able to have varied ways to write in.

Kitty-Kat xox

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