It’s Monday again, funny how they keep happening. Anyway short week at work this week because of Easter break coming up , a chance to recharge those batteries after hectic week with my little charges. Easter themed activities at Kindy starting from today, I am sure the kindys will enjoy it all.

I have also been busy with my art pieces in black and white tones, don’t worry I will be posting them up later on my blog for you all to share. They may not be as colourful as my usual pieces but they very much me and I think sometimes it is good to work outside the box a little, as not to go stale or let boredom set in.

I had a great Father/Daughter outing on Saturday with my Dad, where he got totally spoilt by me. It involved Spotlight and a great Chinese meal for lunch.

Sunday saw the rainy weather return and I am just loving it because rainy days are my favourite kinda of days. I also managed to watch my DVD box set of Fear the walking dead, I have one more episode to go and it was totally awesome series, that I recommended to all Zombie lovers like me. It helped understand a little where the walking dead didn’t and I was great to watch.

Anyway Ciao

Kitty-Kat xox

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