First day back at school

Well the two week holiday from school has come and gone and now back to work I go. The Kindy staff went to Hammond park Primary School for a PD on Technology in Kindy, I found this PD one of the best I have gone too. It was hands on and great for the visual learner I am. We played with code-a-pillar, bee-bots , pic collage app as well learn to do coding the unplug way. I found it fun and informative as well as going really fast time wise. The Presenters were awesome and let us do like the kids do, have a go which is the only way to learn. I think too I really want a code-a-pillar, my kindy kids would just love it.

So that was pretty much the first day back to school, there was also a little prep time when we got back to our school , then ready for tomorrow.

I can’t wait to see what adventures and discoveries the kindys can come up with this term.

Kitty-Kat xox

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