Inner child on a swing

Last Thursday I spent the morning before going to a specialist appointment at the park. Yes you heard right a park and you know what ? It felt amazing, my inner child was screaming why I hadn’t done this a long time ago. Well done I have taken the plunge, it will not be the last. There is something soothing you could say of the rocking motion, probably from when we were all babies, as also a total swing manic I was as a kid. I loved the swing and the monkey bars they were my ultimate joy as a young girl.

Anyway I ramble off topic, being on the swing I managed a selfie and also put the phone down and listened to the world around me. Birds were singing in the trees, the sun was appearing higher in the sky and there was a feeling of calm and peace, it made me feel relaxed and such joy I haven’t felt for a long time. The green of trees and grass just topped it all off, I believe it was truly beautiful and so glad I went there to spend a little time in this amazing park. We are so lucky here in Perth, that there are so many green places in the city, places where you can young or old spend some time amongst nature. I would certainly recommend it to everybody, the stress just peels off you and leaves you in a calm state.

I didn’t just go on a swing, but crunched my feet through a big pile of Autumn leaves, my inner child was ecstatic ! I loved the sound of the leaves like eating a bowl of Corn Flakes, so noisy, but so satisfying. I must admit some people in the park probably thought I was little weird, but hey they can think that, I wasn’t worried in the least. I needed the nature break and it worked for the rest of the day my senses were highten.

Kitty-Kat xox

P.S: Let your Inner child out

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