I wish…

I wish I had a TARDIS size handbag, it would save me a lot of hassle in what to carry in my handbag, I could tell you. Often I end up with two bags, one my handbag which is currently a brown/red leather backpack and the other one, which is an apricot colour tote bag that has all my essentials for work; ie keys, name badge, diary and notebooks, stuff for work, but not needed elsewhere. I can never leave the house without either one, although last week I almost left work without my leather backpack, not something I want too repeat again, ever.

Back too the topic at hand, why do I need two bags ? Surely I don’t need everything in those two bags? I mean I could probably knock any would be attacker by simply swinging my backpack at them. I am quite certain it would knock them senseless to the ground in a heartbeat. And yet I still carry them everyday to work and back home again.

I’ve tried too go just with one bag, but it always ends up with me getting one hell of a headache from the neck pain carrying around one massively heavy backpack all over town. So two it becomes and sometimes that multiples to three if I have been shopping in the city. It doesn’t appear to be a dilemma I am going to come up with an answer just like that.

Maybe I am one of those people who needs to carry a lot, maybe I am carrying too much ? And yet I need what I carry with me and it’s not like I am taking stuff I don’t need. I mean I always have a notebook and pen to write with in case I need to take notes on something I see, or an idea I might get for my writing /journal, or something I might see that inspires my art pieces. My keys , phones and purse are needed as well as edi pen, puffer. I also carry Detol wet ones, my glasses for reading, sunglasses and spare shopping bag that folds up.

So I really don’t see why I need a second bag, but at work I need my work keys and name badge as well as my notebook with all my recipes for playdough etc. I’ve got my diary and notebook for meetings and PD’s , sensitive bandaids, stickynotes and little purse full of lip gloss, headache tablets and allergy pills.

Maybe it isn’t too bad after all ? Maybe it is okay not too be one of those people you see with tiny bags with only phone and purse in it. Yes they may be travelling light, but they don’t have anything.

Maybe The Doctor won’t mind if I borrow the TARDIS for awhile ? What girl wouldn’t kill for a bag bigger on the inside ?

Kitty-Kat xox

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