My travels

I have been for awhile writing up my experiences of living and working in the UK . I place I still hold fondly to my heart, in fact I still call it my second home. I often wonder about the village of Petworth in the South downs and in the county of West Sussex. It will always be a place full of memories and where I grew up to the person I am now. It seems to be an Australian thing to do, go live and work in the UK and I did it all at 24yrs old. Granted it was a goal, dream if you like that I held in high school and was determined to do. Something I would be forever proud of myself for that achievement. I remember it was hard, because I needed money and a job to go too. All which I did before I left Perth in 1999. I was gonna spent the new century in a whole new country to me. I also worked really hard and saved every penny, because I also had to have 4,000 Australian dollars in case I needed to support myself once in the UK. I also got an grandparents visa since my Dad’s Father was British born, this made it a lot easier for me to live and work in the UK. I also got my very first passport as well that I was so excited about. I was going on an adventure and without any safety net.

I think a lot of people probably thought I was crazy to go work and live 12,000 miles away from my home and family. All I know was I wanted to do this more than anything else in the world.

I know I am enjoying going back to this time in my life and noting down everything. It isn’t really in any chronological order, but all over the place, I like that, because it is how I am remembering it all. Piece by piece little things are coming to me and then start an avalanche of memories that I can’t seem to type fast enough.

Kitty-Kat xox

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