Library notes

Today was library day for Dad and I, we go every three weeks without fail and is time for us to have Father/Daughter time since I have always been close to my Dad. The Spearwood Library has recently gone under a make over and I am loving all the new hidey holes I have been finding to sit. Today was no different and I found myself a new one I will have to try out more on my next visit. I did manage to take some pics and a selfie in my new cozy reading place. The two sofas are like railway seats I used to travel in when I was in England on the trains. They are very comfy indeed and perfect for reading or blogging on your tablet if you are so inclined too. Even my Dad liked them, they must of been a new edition because they weren’t in the library last time we visited.

Before the library under went a total upgrade my favourite chair was a black lounge type where you could and I did slip my shoes off and curled up by the huge picture window sunning myself like some cat. Many a time I spent there reading a newly gotten out library book and waiting for my Dad to gather his own prized library books. Sometimes I even wrote a little journaling in that spot, alas it is no more but I have found a new one to spend time in the quietness of the library. I grew up in this library and it has grown and changed along with me. It is a place I feel safe and a place where I can simply lose myself under the spell of thousands of books. Hence that one of my following photos has me striking my reading pose all too familiar in the library.

Kitty-Kat xox

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