Thursday notes

The week is nearly at an end and then the weekend shall be upon us once more. We are due here in Perth,Western Australia to be getting a cold front around 8pm tonight the really first bad weather for some time. The rain will be good, but not looking forward too the wind. I guess Winter is coming in a mighty blast for sure.

We did cloud watching with the kindys on Wednesday and they thought it was wonderful. I could of watched them all day. They noticed how the clouds moved about as we went to the library and then back too class that really appeared to surpise them.

We also now have a discovery table in the kindy, totally driven by the kindys they absolutely love it. They get the magnifying glasses out and look closely at all the items which are mostly found objects like pinecones, shells, bark and rosemary cuttings. The kindys also draw what they see and then we help them scribe described words on their drawing, then it is hung above the table for all to see. The look on their faces is priceless.

Displays are coming together from books we have been reading lately as well, first “Polar bear, Polar bear what do you hear ? ” and the other one “Where is the green sheep ? “We have done a big iceberg with all the Polar bears that we weaved hanging onto it and Green sheep they are paper plate sheep on a grassy field. They look amazing and dress up the room completely.

The Kindy room is always a hive of activity and a joy to work in along with my teacher Hoa who is fabulous to work with and Sue special needs assistant who we just laugh until we cry and of course no Kindy room would be without our mob of kindys who are all so different in their own ways.

Kitty-Kat xox

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