Winter is here…

This morning was soo hard to get out of bed, the covers were so snuggle and warm compared too the almost arctic cold of my bedroom. So I guess that means Winter is here in Perth now, not that I am complaining, I do love a cold morning when I don’t need to get up. These type of mornings are meant for Weekend mornings when you can stay in bed a little more longer to really enjoy them. So the rainy days have gone for a brief interlude, but will be back later in the week. For now it’s time for lots of layers and a chance to wear my favourite pair of boots.

The clear skies may mean lower temperatures, but is also good to cast your eyes too the skies as well to watch the everchanging clouds and blue skies playing hide and seek with each other. It is one of my favourite pastimes to stare at the sky for hours if I’m allowed too. Somehow it is calming and reassuring to watch the sky pass you by.

Winter is truly a time not so much of death, but of looking things in another more creative way. To me it’s time for trees to be bare and the earth to smell a little sweeter when you walk upon it. Time for muddy puddles and snails to entertain us with their antics. Time also for raincoats and gumboots as well as the odd red umbrellas that I have a slight obsession on, mainly because they look so good against the background of grey skies and streets.

With Winter I also want to hide away from the world and the horrid weather with my books and journals, and yet sometimes I want to go walking in the rain to feel the spray upon my face and the fresh smell of the rain. Very weird I know and something I did a lot when I lived in the UK. Many a time I walked along an empty beach to clear the cobwebs and feel alive.

Winter weather means hot cups of chai tea and being around my family, it means taking life a little slower for awhile like nature is doing as well. Cold nights and crisp mornings means focusing inward and thinking of cozy endeavours, staying closer to home. Catching up on that box set you have been meaning to watch or that book you have been neglecting all Summer because the sun was shining and the days were long.

Winter is here ….

Kitty-Kat xox

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