Miss my Kindys

Today I had a medical appointment so had time off work for it, which meant no Kindy for me. It is so funny , but I really missed their company throughout the day I kept seeing things that either reminded me of them or that I wanted to share with them. I was looking at the clouds in the sky and thought of them, because we were doing clouds in science last week and we were cloudwatching. The paper bark trees near the hospital also made me think of the discovery table we have set up for them too investigate natural items.

Maybe people would think me strange, but my kindys mean the world too me. Their curiosity and sense of humour make me smile everyday and despite everything are a pleasure too teach. My Physiotherapist ended up getting a run down on my kindys and I think I made her smile with their antics as much as they brighten my day constantly.

I have a few shadows that are my constant companions and help me with little jobs here and there. They are also very good at sweeping up sand and playdough off the tables and floor. I am told however they don’t do this at home for parents though, so I feel truly blessed then.

So tomorrow I will see them all again for their 1/2 day of Kindy and see what adventures and experiences they had in my absent and I know they have probably missed me today as I have them.

Kitty-Kat xox

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