I have been just reading about journaling and what people think of it ? I have always kept one especially as a teenager it was my rock and helped me through a lot of teenager issues. Even now it helps me good or bad times a place where I can lay my thoughts and ideas as well. I feel at ease when I can release my angst in a safe environment and to me that is both my paper and digital journals. I have had only paper until quite recently when I found two digital ones that are a joy to write in. They are called “Journey ” app and “Lunar diary ” app they are free on Google play, although I have had the paid apps for sometime and enjoy the added bonuses they give me. Whether it be available on multiple devices or personalize backgrounds they are worth the money and I would be lost without. They make my journal writing portable and on the go wherever I find myself I can always journal. This helps me find my creative groove and able to keep at my finger tips any entries I may have written for further use.

Yes there is always the argument of digital or paper journals but I think we live in an age where both can live side by side. I wouldn’t know where I would be without my journals to help me through my life. I also like the idea of looking back on past entries and rereading them again, quite like reliving an old memory.

Journal writing isn’t a fad it is something that has always been with us and leaves behind a rich tapestry of not only writing but life experience that cannot compare without anything else. It is writing that leads you often to self-discovery and can help you work through major problems and or decisions.

It is a practice that I continue to do everyday and find myself quite lost when I am not writing in my journal.

Kitty-Kat xox

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