Rainy days and journals

June is shaping up to be very wet and cold here in Perth,Western Australia. It was not long ago we were having hot and humid weather and now the rain is here, not that I am complaining definitely a winter/autumn kind of person. Rainy days to me are spent in only one way journaling and writing away to my heart’s content. Nothing better than to be lost to your writing and hear the rain start to pour outside your window. The sound of rain soothes me in a way that nothing else can. It makes me want to curl up with a cuddly blanket and my journal and simply scribble away page after page of random thoughts and other discoveries. I watch the rain fall outside my window and feel inspired by the grey clouds and falling rain. The smell makes me remember of my childhood days of jumping in puddles and playing outside when skies were grey. I never wanted to be inside on those days but out in it all. Rain falling held my innate curiosity and I don’t think that has ever dimmed or changed with time or adulthood.

Journaling in the cooler months seemed so much easier because you tend too spend time indoors and out of the elements you could say. Summertime you want to be out in the thick of it not stuck home with four walls. Now I feel I turn quite inward with my thinking and manner which is when I tend to want too speak out through my words. Lately I’ve picked up digital journal writing which can be done on the go and I can also put photos in as well. It helps me too journal more and type away as fast as I like exploring themes and any other prompts I may want to write about. It also helps me practice my writing and try ideas before I put them in my blog post or any other social media platform. And before you say it, I am not giving up my paper journals at all just taking advantage of modern technology to keep and store entries from prying eyes. Sometimes I like to write without restraint and this lets me do this and nobody can read it because it is all pin number protected. Still I continue to write by hand as well ,because it seems to help rid myself of negativity once the words leave my pen onto the page. Digital journaling doesn’t give me the same affect as writing by hand and I honestly don’t think I could ever give up. Handwritten pages hold memories in them that connect you to the person who wrote them, which is probably why my most cherished possessions are letters and cards from people who are no longer with me. I feel close to them and almost hear their voices as I read the words.

So as another rainy day dawns here in my native town of Perth, Western Australia you know you will find me scribbling away in a notebook as the rain pours outside my window. And when I’m not writing then I am reading about journaling and honing my skills forever learning new tips and methods from other journal type people, because like most things in life you never stop learning new things about your craft.

Kitty-Kat xox

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