What am I reading…

I am forever reading and usually have a book attached to my hand or tucked into my packpack somewhere for emergencies. One must never be without reading material ! So what am I reading you ask or well it’s the title of this blog post anyway.

I usually have a pretty mixed bag of books I am reading at any given time that range from horror, classics and non-fiction. So my pile of books are as follows in no particular order.

Wasting time on the Internet By Kenneth Goldsmith (It’s non-fiction about how the Internet effects people and society )

New Slow City By William Powers (It’s about the author living in Greenwich Village at a slower pace of life)

The Masked City By Genevieve Cogman (fiction and second book in an invisible library series)

Weatherland By Alexandra Harris ( authors and artists talking of weather in England )

World War Z By Max Brooks ( fiction book about the world succumbing to a zombie plague)

So that is what I am reading at the moment and it doesn’t include other books I pick up here and there along my travels or read about and need to get them for myself. Because like any book lover half the fun is buying books as well as reading them. I also regularly go to the local library to borrow books which still blows my mind as it did when my Dad took me there as a child, that you are allowed to take books away and have a library card as well to take them out with that is only for you alone. So that adds to the books I read that I buy from bookstores new and used and on the Internet by online shopping.

So what are you all reading ?

Kitty-Kat xox

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