Friday blues

Before my relaxing weekend away Friday had to be lived through and my goodness what a day it was, I am pretty sure my buttons were not only pushed by the kids but quite possibly stepped on and jumped up and down on repeatedly. Friday wasn’t a day I would want too repeat ever if you asked me.

Believe me by the end of the week the days simply roll into one another and we all simply want to go home and hide under our beds until the day passes swiftly by. It has actually taken me a couple of days before I could even put pen to paper about last Friday. Some days you get those kind of days and hey you need too smile or else you might be crying in a corner somewhere. Atleast I got to leave early from work on that day and bring my weekend to atleast a good start from which too build onto.

Enough said the better you could say.

Kitty-Kat xox

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